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Dear 2018,

IMG_1818.PNGDear 2018,

Please be kind. I completely get that a lot of my life has to do with my own attitude and the choices I make. With that said, I realize that absoulutely nothing is in MY  control, and everything constantly changes. So in that case, please be kind to me this year regarding the things  I can’t control.

Something I enjoy doing is writing. I certainly have any easier time expressing my ideas through writing than speaking. I feel like I have some good ideas and insights to share. Someone might find them useful, maybe? I hope to remain optimistic in my posts and avoid negative rants. I don’t intend for my blog to become a “Debbie Downer Diary”.  My mission in life if to help others and bring more positivity  into the world. It feels like a blog is better than just posting on Facebook, so here I am!

I chose the name Startdust Adventures  because I’m an optimist and dreamer. The world doesn’t have to be a big, bad scary place. As human beings , we have the gift of choice. Unfortunately, the more important and morally sound those choices are, the more difficult they become to live. But it’s important to remain focused and disciplined in our desires to enact social changes. I’m hoping to encourage acts of kindess, cooperation and social change. No matter how dark some days seem, we can’t give up on the words of other dreamers like Dr. King, Malala, Gandhi, Buddha, Jesus and Ms.Rowling.  I also like how adventures mean journeys and growth. It also encompasses the wide range of topics that I will probably write about. Of course, I’ll be mixing in some personal stuff about my journey!

Letters. Posts in the format of letters feel like a kind way to get my point across. I also imagine explores on long journeys writing letters back to their loved ones about their  discoveries!

I would like to be positive and optimistic in my writing. WARNING!!!! DREAMING WILL OCCUR. However, I will stick to facts and you will not  find blind faith here.

If you are interested in following my blog, please hit “follow” in the side bar. You will enter your info and each time I write a new post, you’ll be emailed the link. That would be the best way to stay current.

So let’s have some gratitude for the new year ahead!



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