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Dear Consumers of Organics,

As a fellow consumer of organic goods, I like you always look for that beautiful USDA organic certified seal on all of my food. Unfortunately, I’ve come across some very GREENWASHED products on amazon lately!

They are labeled organic, but aren’t actually organic!






In my search, I came to learn of a nifty database. THE USDA ORGANIC INTEGRITY DATABASE. Yep, you can verify that the product you are buying has in fact, been certified organic.

We forget that our bodies are delicate eco systems and not machines. As soon as one thing goes, the other systems go crazy trying to pull everything back into balance. Chemicals found in conventional products disrupt our personal eco systems and they are bad for the planet.

What can I say, inter-connectedness isn’t just spiritual, it’s physical, man.

It’s important that we support business who take the time and effort to earn their organic certifications. If we start using our voting dollars on greenwashed products, then we loose our vote and it doesn’t count. Our voice for more eco-friendly and sustainable practices gets lost.

Lots of Love,


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