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Shampoo Bar Hack

New shampoo bars are fairly easy to hold onto. However, as they get smaller they seam to wiggle right out of my hands. I like to keep things super simple and multi-purpose. So this hack combines ease of use AND storage. It also helps you use up all the little bits of your bar-it’s frugal!

I place the bar in a small muslin reusable tea bag. These bags are ideal because they are mesh. Therefore, more product comes through rather than being absorbed by the cloth. It’s also easier to rub into a lather. I just hang the bag on my corner shower organizer and it dries completely between showers. You can take the soap out of the bag and throw it in the wash as needed.

You can also use this with a brand new shampoo bar. No worries if your bar is too big for the bag. Just cut it down to size and store the remaining parts of the bar.

The tea bags are “up-cycled”. I did t buy them specifically for this purpose. I had intended to use them for tea, but I found a mini French press-which is much easier than reusable bags in my opinion. So, these unused bags became a solution to my shampoo bar storage and usage issues.

The bags came in a pack of 4, so you could also use this method for your bar conditioner and regular body soap.

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