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Reusable Cotton Rounds

Instead of buying disposable cotton rounds, I’ve made a reusable version. These are still going strong after a couple of years. Just collect them in a mesh lingerie bag (or old mesh produce bag) during the week. Pop the bag into the wash with hot water and your good to go!


I made my rounds out of a yard of cotton flannel from my local fabric store. I had a lot left over so I just turned it into cleaning rags. I bought the flannel because I didn’t have any old flannel clothes and because I like the light color- it helps to see if you’ve removed all traces of makeup when using micellar water. You could upcycle old flannel clothes rather than buy new fabric. Ask around, friends or family might have something laying around.

I folded the fabric in half so they would be thicker.

I used a mason jar lid to measure the rounds. Use a regular lid for small rounds and a wide mouth lid for larger rounds. Trace the lid with a pen. You can make as many as you want. I used half the yard, and I never run out of clean rounds. It was plenty of fabric!

I used my sewing machine to hem the rounds.

I upcycled an old recipe box to hold the clean rounds.

2 responses to “Reusable Cotton Rounds”

  1. I’m glad to hear you have found something that works well for you! They are really soft aren’t they?! I also find that they give just a little gentle exfoliation-just right for sensitive skin.

  2. To my surprise, I also found multiple reusable cotton round makers and brands with rave reviews. I ordered some from a seller on Etsy instead of opting to make my own (which actually looks pretty easy!) These cotton rounds are made from two layers of organic bamboo cotton fleece, are super soft to the touch, and pretty reasonably priced. After using these cotton rounds for about two weeks now, I can honestly say that I really like them. I was skeptical at first—would these just get super stained with eye makeup and become unusable? Would they fall apart in the wash?—but I haven t had any issues so far. After a few cycles in the washer and dryer, they ve kept in good shape (no fraying) and, equally as important to me, come out clean and makeup-free after each wash.

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