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Upcycled Pashmina| Tote Bag

I made an oops. A couple of them actually. I over watered my tree and made a huge mess. So I had to change the cloth that I keep under the pot to protect the wood stool.

When I pulled out the olive green pashmina that was soaking wet, I didn’t even look at it and threw it straight into the wash.

When it came out of the wash it had pot shaped stains and holes…I’m not exactly sure how it happened but the water and the pot made holes in the scarf. These scarves are amazing and have a lot of material, so I figured I could salvage most of it and turn it into a tote bag.

I cut out the parts with the holes and then got to work with my sewing machine….an hour later and presto change-o a small tote bag with two pockets! I used the pockets to help cover the stains as much as possible.

Upcycling at it’s finest! I snapped this picture before I timed the loose threads.

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