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Denim Pencil Skirt | Refashion

If you have sewing skills it’s not necessary to donate your unwanted clothes. In fact, many of the clothes you donate just end up in the landfill. The fast fashion industry has overwhelmed clothing donation centers. The clothing is coming in at such a high rate that they can’t keep up. Plus the quality of fast fashion pieces are frankly, trash. They aren’t made to last. So, make sure your only donating really high quality items that are in excellent shape!

If you like something about the article of clothing, you might be able to refashion it instead!

If it’s simply a matter of fit, you can break out the sewing machine. Ask a friend if you don’t have sewing skills or stop by use old tailor for alterations. Of course, for something things it costs as much or more to have things altered than the original amount you spent on the fast fashion item. It might be okay if you really like the piece.

Or, use it as a learning moment…you can practice sewing on worthless garments or, learn to avoid fast fashion in the future if possible. Opt for higher quality pieces that will last (saving money in the long run) and that can be repaired instead of trashed. Last, make sure you don’t buy something unless it actually fits. It’s one thing to alter something for a changing body, but to spend cash on something that never worked for you in the first place is wasteful. Lesson learned… exception however…

You can thrift something in a larger and make it your size. This saves the garment from landfill. It also saves you from supporting clothing companies that have bad business practices.

I took this old pair of jeans that I avoided. I just didn’t wear them because they weren’t cut quite right. The crotch and booty area were cut a little weird for my body. I guess I’ve just got more junk than this trunk holds….🤣 The waist and legs were just fine. So I decided to turn them into a high waisted denim skirt. Pencil skirts are the best!

Check out Some of my before, during and after pictures. Because I made it high waisted, I had to adjust he pocket placement. I added a slit for more room to move. Now I have a fun, casual denim skirt in a shape and length that’s perfect for ME.

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