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Catnip Storage | Upcycle

How do you store your catnip? If you’re like most people, you keep it in the plastic bag that it comes in.

The problem is that if it’s in the reach of the cat (or not even in reach) kitty will seek and destroy. Before you know it, you have a shredded plastic bag and a years supply of catnip all over the house…

My solution helps in three areas: avoiding plastic, up-cycled containers and bulk organics.

I up-cycled an old spice jar to store my catnip. Keep the plastic shaker top, this way you can just sprinkle some on the floor- avoiding that issue where you accidentally dump out the whole bag. Don’t forget to keep the lid too- screw it on to keep your catnip fresh!

The glass jar keeps the cats from shredding and spreading plastic bags. If your cat has pica like our cat, plastic bags are a 100% no-no as she will eat them. So, we needed a different solution anyway regardless of plastic free, zero waste.

Last, refill your container with catnip from a bulk organic herb store. It’s such a small container you can take it will you. Just get the tare weight of the jar at the store and you’re good to go.

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