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Eco Friendly Toilet Paper

Have you given much thought to how your toilet paper impacts the environment?

Check out this info graphic on the impact of toilet paper:

So what do we do? I’ll start with other options for toilet paper- and then get into paper alternatives. Also, these are my personal opinions regarding the products mentioned, I have not been paid to review them.

We all know that it’s better to opt for recycled paper products…however, you can actually skip trees altogether! Using fast growing crops as an alternative to trees is a more sustainable option for your toilet paper. It’s an even bigger earth warrior bonus if you can find tree-free toilet paper that’s not packaged in plastic. Plastic free packaging is available at a local grocery store to us, so I just throw the wrapper in with my paper recycling. I prefer the Green2 Tree Free paper. Our store also sells the Caboo brand, which is more “luxurious” but also more expensive, I’ll opt for the Caboo if the other brand is sold out.

Green2 paper is septic safe, biodegradable and not whitened with bleach in addition to being made from sustainably made. Green2 also make other products besides toilet paper.

Another alternative is the bidet. Pretty much everywhere except America has them. But fear not, you can buy attachments to install if you’d like to go this route!

Last, some people use “family cloth”. Yep, reusable cloth toilet wipes. You treat them just like cloth diapers. This option clearly only works at home. If you have to travel, it’s obviously not an option.


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