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One Step at a Time, Relax-everything is okay.

Whew! It’s been a crazy few weeks but things have finally started to calm down which means I can get back to the blog. I started a new adventure, a new job. However, this job is amazing and I know that I’m exactly where I need to be right now. I can be completely authentic and use all of my gifts to help others. It’s refreshing!

I’m excited to see where this path takes me and where I’ll be a year from now. Of course, the process of training and getting everything squared away to begin is time consuming and chaotic. Schedules flip upside down and so on…It’s not hard to become overwhelmed! Even now that I’m into the thick of it I still have to remind myself not to spiral. I need to continue to maintain a work-life balance.

So, I decided for my first post back, I would pull an Oracle card for anyone that needs some guidance. Boy did I get a shock when the cards were for me just as much as everyone else!!!

First, the fact that there is a rainbow it’s utterly amazing. 🌈 You see, for the past week and a half, a rainbow has come into my life in some way everyday. I can’t disclose all the ways, but it has happened in pictures people have shown me, words spoken, texts, I’ve seen one…it’s goes on and on. I don’t know if it’s been happening all throughout my new job process (from the day I applied) and if I just didn’t see…or if the conformation has just started to come in. I noticed it but I didn’t quite figure out what it meant to me. What is the universe trying to say?

It finally clicked! Rainbows. This is conformation, this is my universal sign for a big thumbs up. It means I’m on the right path and exactly where I need to be. So again, further conformation that I’m where I need to be and now I just need to relax, and take things as they come. The hustle is over, now it’s time to but my gifts into action.

Enough of my background story for these cards….here is your advice!

One step at a time: When a large task, big event, or big energy comes your way; it can feel overwhelming! You don’t know where to start and and it seams like you can’t find any order. Break things down into the smallest pieces imaginable and just complete that first step. Try to complete one or two steps each day and before you know it, the task will be complete. The rainbow signifies conformation, thumbs up, YES. You are on the right path and you are where you need to be. You don’t need to debate that anymore, instead put your energy into working this path, one step at a time. The unicorn on this card looks as if it’s pointing for you–showing you the way, further emphasizing that you are on the right path. The number 7 is also coming through for this card. 7 colors in the rainbow, 7 stones in the background. Which makes this more funny because 7 is a number that indicates you are on the right path, it’s a number of encouragement to move forward. 7 represents the collective conscious- you’re tuned in so follow your inner guidance and all will be well. Follow all signs the universe gives you and you’ll stay on the right path.

Relax- Everything’s okay: This card further confirms the messages given in the first card. It doesn’t indicate inaction, but it indicates that you should rest in the present while completing your steps. That is, while you’re working on a small step of a large task, be fully present in that moment. You’ve done the work needed to find the path. Now that you’re on the path, it doesn’t mean that you’re done. It just means that all actions taken now are directly related to the path and will further your goals and growth. Instead of being confused by worry and fear, make sure you find some down time. Sit and listen to your inner self so that you can continue to receive the highest guidance. Remember that all things are cyclical. You’re on the path now, you’ll be off the path later. Good things come and bad things come. There really is no beginning or end. If you can resign yourself to this fact, things go a long a little smother- that is you no longer see the point of rushing. The present moment is our greatest treasure, it’s all we have. It’s the good at the end of the rainbow. 🌈 So, relax into it and enjoy this gift. Become a good observer and simply witness the beauty of the universe.

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