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Vegan Lasagna

In my book lasagna is comfort food. Nothing better than a bowl (yep, I eat mine from a bowl) of lasagna for a cold winter evenings dinner!

When I was little my mom would make me a special small pan of lasagna sans ricotta cheese because I refused to eat it if it had ricotta. I was never a huge fan of most dairy products…I have a very visceral aversion to most soft cheeses. Anyway, maybe this was a forbidding sign of things to come and of future vegan me.

I begin with a meat sauce. I used Light Life’s ground “beef” and then continued on with my classic marinara sauce. I made it all in the same pan (3.5 quart sauté pan).

Next, I sliced a zucchini and cherry tomatoes.

I’m use Explore Cuisine’s Lasagne noodles which are made from Green Lentils. No boil and as you can see full of protein! So good…soo…amazing!

Then I just layer everything as usual. I bake in in a glass storage dish so that clean up is a snap. 😆

I love Aldi’s vegan mozzarella style shreds. I use it those for all my cheese needs. It’s the best vegan cheese available in my area and frankly, it’s great!

I bake my Lasagna for 45 minutes in a 400 degree oven.

So yummy, crispy but meaty cheeses top!

I served it with bread sticks.

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