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Pizza Popcorn | Snack Attack

I’m pretty sure I make this so I have an excuse to eat basil. Lots and lots of fresh basil!

Pop some popcorn. In a small saucepan add a few finely chopped sun dried tomatoes, red pepper flakes, garlic and oregano. Measure herbs and spices to your liking. Add two tablespoons of olive oil and heat until the garlic starts to turn golden, but don’t burn. Pour over your popcorn and add fresh, chopped basil leaves and a pinch of salt. You can toss on some vegan mozzarella but I opted for nutritional yeast for the cheese flavor and for an unprocessed snack.

Now it’s time to put up my feet, eat my snack and watch “The Invention of Lying”. Does anyone else love Ricky Gervais like I do?

Happy Snacking!

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