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Skoy Scrubber | Dish sponge alternatives

I have not bought a dish sponge in nearly three years. I purchased these Skoy scrubbers in August of 2017 after failed attempts for more sustainable alternatives to dish sponges. Before that, I bought into the green washed “greener” clean sponges that claimed to be compostable. As it turns out, it’s on the scrub coconut husk part that’s compostable as for the rest of the sponge, nope it’s pretty much ye olde sponge.

I decided it was time to replace the my trusty Skoy scrubbers as mine had seen better days. But I’m truly grateful for these work horses to help me clean my dishes so that I could nourish my body with amazing foods. I was very excited that I had the option of the monochromatic look this time. I prefer the neutrals over the bright colors. These came in a 2-pack but you can save more money by buying the 10 pack, I just don’t need 10. Two got us through 2 and a half years!

At the same time, I’m trying to find an alternative to using old cut up t-shirts as cleaning rags instead of paper towels. After a few years my rags are turning into scraps and leaving behind lint. They are not very absorbent either so it’s takes A LOT of them to soak up any bigger spills or wet deep cleaning days and to dust off the lint. This of course creates extra laundry and that’s not exactly sustainable either. So I’ve opted step up my game and find something that was reusable and more sustainable for cleaning. I’ve decided to try out the Skoy scrubber as part of my cleaning routine. I bought six scrubbers total so that I can have separate scrubbers for the bathroom and kitchen, of course. The kitchen scrubbers can be washed right in the dishwasher and the bathroom scrubbers can be tossed into the laundry but I don’t think they can take a tumble in the drier. Better yet, I’ll just wash the bathroom scrubbers by hand after cleaning.

Skoy scrubbers aren’t super absorbent. So I decided I needed something absorbent, sustainable and reusable for cleaning. Enter the organic cloth diaper. That’s right! I can soak things up and just toss in the wash. The idea is that I might use one or two diapers a week instead of a whole load of rags and worthless non obsorbent dish towels. You could use a regular scrub brush to clean everything else, but somehow it feels like scrub brushes are harder to sanitize than cloth. I bought a 10 pack of organic cotton diapers.

My stack of cloth diapers next to my old rags.

I’ll keep you posted!

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