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The Penny Game

Are you bored? Do you neeeeeedddd some adventure? Look no further. Here is an adventure by chance game!

Yesterday was nice out and we were feeling feverish…of the cabin variety. As it stands, there are few things to do right now in the new adventure department.

We decided to take a walk due to the beautiful weather. However, I decided to add a twist. Taking the same litmited route is getting old. Even walking is loosening it’s appeal. Enter…the penny game.

Here’s out it works. You use a penny (any coin will do) to determine which direction you’ll walk in. At each juncture, you flip the coin to tell you which way to go.

  • Heads: turn left or go straight (when called for)
  • Tails: turn right

You can add additional elements such as turning back and going to the last juncture if you drop the coin while flipping. We added to the rules as we went along.

We got to see parts of our neighborhood that we would not have otherwise seen. It was fun to try and guess where we might end up. An extra challenge is to wonder this way for a while and see if you can actually make your way home by flipping the coin.

Of course, keep in mind that you need to use some discernment. Don’t wander into private property, restricted areas or do things to annoy other people. You can override the coin when necessary.

This is a good exercise in letting go. It’s also an interesting metaphor for life. In the first 15 minutes we made a tiny “circle”. Just getting all “left”. We just went with it and finally scored a “right”. You walk somewhere, retrace your steps multiple times and then finally you get to move in a new direction.

During this walk, I remembered the book “Pocket Scavenger” by Keri Smith. I need to get back into it. You’ll see in in some upcoming posts!

We used a quarter for the penny game. #rebels

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