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Tarot Reading Gift Cards- Discount Code!

For some Valentine’s Day fun, I’m offering a discount code on my eGift cards!

Apply it for $5 off any gift card.

The discount code ends February 14th.

Normally, I offer readings on a donation basis, but a gift card allows you to gift a reading to a friend!

You can choose any amount on the card that fits your budget needs and, your friend can choose from any of my readings! The gift card is good for ONE reading.

The gift card can be applied to any tarot reading listed on my readings page. Please check out the options and guidelines regarding my readings before you purchase. Not everyone is open to tarot so you might want to send the page to your friend first so they can see if it’s right for them.

Once your friend receives the giftcard, they can redeem by contacting me to book their reading. Readings are currently via email. The link to book is on the card. Or they can visit my Tarot Readings page.

Check out this reading…It’s perfect for Valentines Day!


A simple reading that helps invite more self- compassion into your life. How can you have more compassion for yourself?

  • What to let go of so you can love yourself.
  • What to accept about yourself.
  • A lesson to take with you or something to remember.

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