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My Views on Tarot FAQ

What’s is tarot? Tarot is an excellent medicinal tool for self discovery healing grief, trauma and relationships. Tarot can help organize your goals and help you make difficult decisions. I feel that each card represents an aspect of the human experience. These experiences are not good or bad, they just are. What matters is that we reflect on theses experiences to grow in our humanity, kindness and ability to love unconditionally.

When did you begin reading/teaching? I began reading tarot in 2001 and started teaching in 2010. I think it’s important to use both knowledge of the cards, wisdom and intuition. My first tarot deck was the Tarot Nova.

What’s your reading style? I will tell you what the cards say but sometimes it’s not going to be what you want to hear. However, my intention is to deliver readings gently, honestly and with the intention to heal and empower. You won’t receive fantastical and outlandish predictions of death or financial windfalls. I’m not going to tell you who you will marry. AND I’m definitely not going to tell you that you were Cleopatra in a past life—yawn! My readings are conversational, like sitting down to tea with a friend…only the cards guide the conversation.

By the end of the reading, it’s my goal to help you untangle your thoughts, understand your feelings and form an empowered, practical plan so you can take a step forward. Let’s work together to get you unstuck!

Do you think the cards themselves have magical powers ? No. They are pieces of paper. I think it’s the person reading the cards who’s the medium, fluent in the language of spirit, symbology and archetypes who can translate the message.

Can you predict the future? I think tarot is a tool that can help us to see the possible future. I’m not sure we can foresee the exact future because every action we take will change the outcome. Reflection through Tarot allows us to view the possible future. Seeing the possible outcomes to your thoughts and actions can help you right relationships with self and others before running into difficult consequences. I read predictively for myself and very close friends/family all the time. I can’t promise predictive readings for clients. I’d rather help establish practical plans. There are plenty of very popular (and very naughty) readers who would gladly take your money to tell you everything you want you want to hear cooking up some fantasy. I’m more interested in being helpful, not harmful. When predictive details do come through, it’s always channeled for me. I will have a very strong urge to pass along the information. Also, the information that comes through is rarely predictive and more often information you needed to hear from loved ones or your own guides. For me, this is not a gift that’s tied to my tarot reading skills. So, it’s not a guarantee. It might happen or it might not. Therefore, I can’t in good conscience take money for such things.

Are there people and topics you will not read about? Yes! Good readers have a code of ethics. If a person wants a reading that falls outside of that code, I kindly tell them to come back another time. If necessary, I help connect people with resources if tarot maybe unhelpful. I don’t read for health/medical issues or predict death. I will not read for people who are intoxicated-it’s not a judgment but to benefit from tarot you need a clear mind. I don’t read for people who are trying to “test” my skills or who are not willing to answer questions….That’s not how tarot works! It’s a lose- lose situation for both of us. Tarot is a tool for when you have specific questions or situations. General readings, give general answers. So, the skeptic always walks away, self-fulling their view because they get “general answers” all while making a mockery of my skill. Genuine questions and kind people only, please.

Why don’t you offer group readings? Why are you requesting a reading? Probably because you have a complicated situation that needs sorting out. When others are present, we get to wade through their energy and opinions, too. It makes it harder to discern what it is that YOU really want! Also, your path and what happens can be very personal. Things might be revealed that might embarrass you in front of others. Or, you may not be as honest or open with me when others are around. This means we skim the surface rather than find the root of the problem. You’re welcome to share what happed in the session with friends/family using your discretion. I do however, offer a one card reading during Tarot Tea Parties. I feel this situation is different as the mood is lighthearted and with one card it’s unlikely we will do a deep dive—Guests are also able to opt out.

Are you part of the New Age Community? Not even close! I believe in science, data and fact. All of the healing modalities that I use are backed by science and are currently used in mainstream medical facilities and psychology practices. I believe in the power and kindness of humanity—not harmful conspiracy theories and anti-science rhetoric. I also believe that using tools to connect to spirit should be done so with reverence and a genuine heart- it’s not a trend you can take part in for social media photo opportunities and pretend you’re better than everyone else because you play with these tools. Doing so, defiles the sacred and the cultures theses practices come from. It also separates us from the whole point of these practices. Too much love and light is toxic…it’s appropriate, and healthy, to get pissed off and sad sometimes!

Is Tarot a replacement for Psychotherapy or medical diagnosis from qualified practitioners? No. Tarot is not a medical diagnostic tool. It should never be used as such, please seek out a medical professional for medical questions. Tarot does not replace mental health therapies. However, it is an excellent way to reframe and look at possible outcomes for choices considered. I will never make choices for you, or lead you to a conclusion. I provide the space for you to reflect and come to your own conclusions. Clients are responsible for the choices they make as a result of their own reflection. I also refer clients to qualified mental health resources and practitioners, when tarot could be more harmful than helpful.

Do you have to be gifted to learn to read tarot? No, anyone can learn. I also think that “gifts” associated with reading are skills that all humans are able to access. However, in this day and age it’s hard for people to get quiet and still enough to develop or use this very natural skills. I welcome everyone as a tarot student. Learning to read for yourself if a very rewarding experience!

Does your first deck need to be a gift? No, you can purchase your first deck. I ask students to get a traditional Rider-Waite Smith deck for lessons. There are editions that vary slightly in the color and boarder so you can find one that appeals to you most. RWS generally easier for beginners to read with.

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